Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Sweden is such a lovely country. At spring, Skåne shows it's absolutely best side. A lot of trees have been cut down in the fields surrounding out cottage, so the view is really fantastic now. It is clear, why the cottage was build on exactly that spot!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The first rhubarbs

Summer is rapidly approaching. A very good sign, is that we now have RHUBARBS in the garden ready to eat. I made my favourite rhubarb recipe today - rhubarbs with crumble and wiped cream. Yummy!

Green, green, green

The garden is at its best now. Green, beautiful, and flowers and trees blooming all over. The seedling project is still quite demanding, but I managed to persuade a few friends to provide a new home for some of the plants. I dried my laundry in the garden as well, nothing like the smell from sheets dried outside in the sun. How privileged we are!

Small knit projects

Despite the lovely weather we have had for close to two weeks now, I found time to knit a little. I have finished knitting my Spring Casual - a classic blouse from Spinnerin 162. The vintage pattern is perfect. The plan was to have it ready for the weekend, but finishing it up is so boring. Instead I made two small projects, a pair of baby booties and a camera bag. I will write up the pattern for the camera bag and post it, I really like the way it turned out. In particular I am happy about the band that closes the bag. It can actually be used without the band, but the contrasting colour is nice. It fits my small pocket camera perfectly.